Vegan News Feb. 24, 2024


Animal Rescuer acquitted: An activist in the UK was acquitted of charges for rescuing a rabbit who was caught in a snare on a private estate. Snares, sometimes referred to as a “harvesting tool,” are wire nooses that catch their victims around the neck. The man took a video while he was rescuing the rabbit who was screaming in fear and pain. It’s likely that the judge correctly assumed that a jury would not convict him after they saw the video. In recent trials leading to convictions in the US and Canada, the defendants who rescued animals were not permitted to use film footage as evidence.

WARNING: If you visit the page, we recommend only reading the article. The embedded video is VERY disturbing.

New initiative upcycles crops for protein: Israel’s Day 8, a venture firm that invests in future food, is investing in a revolutionary method of extracting protein from the leaves of upcycled crops. This initiative introduces a novel ingredient to the plant-based market, leveraging the often-overlooked nutritional value of crop leaves that would typically go to waste. Read more on Vegconomist.

Beyond Meat markets a healthier burger: Beyond Beef was one of the first companies to develop a plant-based burger, but the original burgers were full of fat and salt. In response to increased consumer demand for healthy plant foods, they consulted with nutritionists and introduced a healthier burger featuring monounsaturated fats in avocado oil, and protein and fiber in peas, red lentils, fava beans, and brown rice. Check out the details on Beyond Meat’s website.


Palworld Introduces Vegan Guide

In response to criticism about exploiting Pals in Palworld – from both vegans and gamers – the makers of Palworld introduced a vegan guide that shows gamers how to succeed in the game without exploiting others. They present this as an alternative way to play the game, but they don’t address the fundamental problem of basing the game on capturing others to force them into labor or kill them for benefit. However, the fact that the company responded to criticism in this way shows that this kind of criticism is taken seriously in society. Learn about the vegan guide to Palword.


Potato, Asparagus and Chickpea Sheet Pan Dinner: This light and nutritious one-pan meal combines hearty potatoes, fresh asparagus, and protein-rich chickpeas, all seasoned to perfection and roasted together. This is a wholesome, vegan meal that requires minimal prep and cleanup. Grab the recipe on Simple Veganista’s website.

6-Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Silk Pie: This chocolate pie is crafted with just six simple ingredients. The secret to its silky smooth filling is silken tofu, which blends with rich chocolate and dates to create a fudgy and indulgent treat. Try freezing it! For the full recipe, visit the Minimalist Baker’s website.


Black Beauty Made Animal Exploitation a Social Issue

Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell, exposed the mistreatment of horses in Victorian England. Published in 1877, the novel uses the autobiography of a horse, Black Beauty, to vividly recount cruelty toward exploited animals, such as the use of bearing reins and the harsh lives of horses used to pull carriages. By raising public awareness and empathy for animal suffering, Black Beauty contributed to changes in animal welfare practices, including legislation and the founding of animal welfare organizations. Although it didn’t directly challenge the practice of animal exploitation, the book did raise the profile of its harmfulness. Crafted as a children’s book, Black Beauty was best-seller and is still popular with both adults and children.


Is Veganism a Matter of Justice?

Is veganism a matter of justice? Well-intentioned people often characterize veganism as kindness or compassion. But does it make sense to call it kindness when we refrain from causing unnecessary harm? When we see something as a matter of justice, we usually try to enshrine it in law and in our institutions. Should we institutionalize vegan ethics? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Stay informed and keep advocating for a more vegan world. See you next week with more updates!

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