Vegan News Jan. 20, 2024


Court in British Columbia Upholds Convictions of Vegan Activists: The British Columbia Court of Appeal in Canada upheld the convictions of vegan activists Amy Soranno and Nick Schafer for participating in a peaceful sit-in at a pig farm. They were charged with “break and enter and mischief” and sentenced to 30 days in jail. They were not allowed to provide evidence of the treatment of the pigs as part of their defense. This ruling reflects the recent trend in prosecuting peaceful activism. Read the full story on Vegan FTA.

We commented on two other recent cases of activists who were convicted for their roles in helping animals. One was Wayne Hsiung, who was convicted of trespassing for his involvement with an operation rescuing sick chickens.
The other was Tracy Murphy, who took in two cows who wandered onto her property.

Another recent ruling re-instituted the Ag-Gag law in Utah, which makes it illegal for citizens to do undercover filming on farms. This is being contested on the grounds that it violates free speech.

“The Girl Next Door” shows the reality of life on a farm: The award-winning short film is now free to watch on YouTube. It traces the life of a girl born to an enslaved mother and destined to live her own live enslaved. Torn from her mother at birth, she is also forced to bear children, repeating the cycle. It was filmed in a slaughterhouse and parallels her life with the life of a cow in a factory farm.

Protein from thin air: Solein, developed by Finnish company Solar Foods, is a pioneering animal-free protein, created through an innovative process similar to winemaking. It involves feeding microbes with gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen, along with essential nutrients, resulting in a nutrient-rich powder. With a composition of 65-70% protein, 5-8% fat, and essential amino acids, it’s nutritionally comparable to dried soy or algae. Solein’s neutral flavor allows it to be integrated into a variety of foods, from dairy-free products and plant-based meats to bread and pasta, without altering their original tastes.

Solar Foods’ first commercial-scale production facility for Solein will open in Finland this year. Solein is already approved for use in Singapore and seeking approvals worldwide. Read the story on Vegconomist.


NRA Campaigns for “Legitimate” Uses of Animals Like Hunting

The NRA and an affiliated group are embarking on a pro-hunting campaign to criticize the animal rights movement as “a billion-dollar industry” with organizations that prioritize fundraising over actual animal welfare. They accuse animal groups of pushing legislation against “legitimate animal uses” like hunting. With chilling rhetoric, they assert the importance of preserving traditional agricultural and animal-related practices, linking them to cultural heritage and livelihoods. They also claim that animal activists are attempting to encroach on their freedoms.

We are not providing links to their websites because we don’t want to direct any traffic to them.


Vegan Chickpea Salad

This Mediterranean-inspired dish combines the satisfying textures and flavors of chickpeas, avocado, and crunchy vegetables with a lemony dressing. It takes just 15 minutes to prepare, and offers a nutritious meal that fits any budget and schedule. Get the recipe on Insanely Good Recipes.

Banana Nice Cream

Ever heard of Nice Cream? It starts with only one ingredient – frozen bananas. Just slice, freeze, and blend. Keep it simple, or add variation with strawberries, chocolate, or peanut butter. It goes great with your favorite toppings, too! Find the recipe on Detoxinista.


In 2020, a British court ruled that ethical veganism is a philosophical view protected by law. In substance, it protects vegans from discrimination and requires companies and schools to consider the needs of vegan employees. As The Vegan Society pointed out, the real significance of this ruling is that “a society that respects veganism and accommodates vegans also gives expression to the undisputed moral standing and rights of non-human animals.” Read The Vegan Society article.


Vegan Food for Cats and Dogs

Traditionally, dog and cat foods have relied heavily on animal-based ingredients. However, with the advancement in nutritional science, there’s a growing argument that dogs and cats can thrive on a well-planned vegan diet that meets all their nutritional needs. What’s your take on this? Is it more about the source of the nutrients or the nutrients themselves?

Stay informed and keep advocating for a more vegan world. See you next week with more updates!

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