Vegan News Dec. 16, 2023


India’s Shift Toward Veganism: A comprehensive national survey conducted by YouGov’s India panel, which included responses from 2,033 participants, indicates a strong trend in India favoring veganism. Approximately 59% of respondents were highly likely to consider a vegan diet. This inclination is part of India’s evolving cultural consciousness, with a majority acknowledging the ethical aspects of veganism. The survey also debunks myths about the vegan diet being restrictive or unpalatable, with a majority finding it easy to maintain and rich in food choices​​. Story on India News Today

Vegan Commercial Premieres in US Theaters: A vegan commercial, spearheaded by the Eat Differently initiative, is being shown in 1,800 US theaters before the “Wonka” movie, featuring notable vegan celebrities and spreading a powerful plant-based message. Read about it in Plant-Based News.

Senara’s Cell-Cultivated Milk Technology: A German startup, Senara, has unveiled a technology for producing “real milk” without cows. This innovation represents a significant step in ethical veganism, offering nutritious dairy-free milk. Read the full story.

South Korea’s Restrictive Plant-Based Labeling: We’re disappointed to see that South Korea has imposed restrictions on labeling plant-based products with terms like “beef” or “pork.” This decision could potentially hinder the progress and accessibility of plant-based alternatives. Read more on


Chia Seeds’ Potential in Health and Medicine:

These tiny seeds are nutritional powerhouses, rich in fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Chia seeds, once prized by ancient civilizations for boosting strength, are now recognized by modern science for their health benefits. A study by Oregon State University found that they may improve conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

For more information, visit the article on VegNews: “New Study Says Chia Seeds Could Change the Future of Health and Medicine.”


Chia Pudding: This simple and nutritious treat is made with just chia seeds, soy milk, and vanilla extract, offering a high-protein option for breakfast or a snack. You just mix and let sit until the chia seeds have absorbed the liquid. Customize with fresh fruit, maple syrup, nut or seed butter, or shredded coconut. For the full recipe and more details, you can visit Nourished by Caroline.


The “Vegan” Label and Consumer Choices: Consumers’ perception of a vegan label can significantly influence their purchasing decisions. A study revealed that meat eaters are more likely to purchase plant-based foods when they are not explicitly labeled as vegan, which is reflected in the number of “stealth vegan” restaurants in the Los Angeles area. Insights from VegNews.


Changing Fast Food Landscape: Will the increasing introduction of vegan options in mainstream fast-food chains change the general perception of veganism? Join the discussion and share your views in the comments.

Stay informed and keep advocating for a more vegan world. See you next week with more updates!

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