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Economic interests trump Supreme Court decision: California’s Proposition 12 is a law that aims to improve exploited animal welfare by banning the use of gestation crates for pigs and mandating more space for egg-laying hens and veal calves. The U.S. federal Farm Bill, alongside the related EATS Act, could reverse these changes. Even after the California law was upheld by the Supreme Court, the EATS Act could override state laws for the sake of interstate commerce. This underscores a recurring problem: immense effort and resources are invested in achieving even marginal improvements in welfare standards for animals, which can be easily overturned for the sake of political or economic interests. For more information, read the full article at Sentient Media.

Palworld video game encourages harming pals for gains: “Palworld,” a game featuring creatures similar to Pokémon, has sparked debate over its depiction of animal-like beings used for labor and combat. This controversy raises ethical questions about how even virtual representations can perpetuate harmful attitudes toward animals. The game portrays using sentient beings for human benefit, including working them to death and forcing them to fight each other. The controversy isn’t just sparked by animal advocates. Gamers, too, are calling it “awful” and not fun to find shortcuts by killing their “pals.” For more about the game and reactions to it, you can read the full article on Polygon.

Florida school district includes plant proteins: The Manatee County School District in Florida has recently updated its lunch menu to include plant-based options such as Impossible Burgers and plant-based chicken nuggets. This initiative, encompassing two high schools and three middle schools, aims to address the growing interest in plant-based diets among students. The introduction of these items is part of a trial to gauge student response before considering a district-wide rollout. The initiative reflects a broader trend in U.S. schools towards embracing plant-based food options. For more details, you can read the full article on vegconomist.


Vegan Hacktivists Leveraging Tech for Advocacy

Vegan Hacktivists, a collective of volunteers from various tech backgrounds, are using their skills to amplify advocacy within the vegan community. They’ve developed several projects, including Vegan Bootcamp and the Animal Rights Map. In 2022 alone, they provided over $620,000 worth of free tech, design, and support services to partner organizations, demonstrating the impactful integration of technology and activism for animal welfare. Read more about them on Good Good Good or visit the Vegan Hacktivists website directly.


5-Ingredient Peanut Butter Tofu: This 5-ingredient dish makes a quick and nutritious meal. It transforms tofu into a deliciously creamy and flavorful dish. The peanut butter adds a rich taste and contributes additional protein. It’s an ideal meal for busy college students or anyone looking to whip up something fast and satisfying. Find the full recipe on the Healthy Happy Life blog.

Roasted Cauliflower Soup: Roasting cauliflower brings out its natural sweetness and depth, while blended cannellini beans add creaminess to this soup. Garlic and onion enhance its savor, making it a comforting and warming meal during colder months. Visit Nora Cooks for the recipe.


Vegan Food Cities Poised to Become Blue Zones

Los Angeles, Portland, and New York City are recognized for their vegan food scenes. These cities are identified as potential future Blue Zones, areas known for the longevity and health of their residents, largely attributed to lifestyle factors including plant-based diets. The “Blue Zone habits” of vegans in these cities have been highlighted by Forbes and Happy Cow. Read more on Veg News.


Do video games reflect societal views toward animals?

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