Vegan News Feb. 17, 2024


Road closes for toad crossing: Every year, Charlcombe Lane in Bath, UK, closes for six weeks to help toads, frogs, and newts cross the road for their annual migrations. Volunteers are out every evening to assist the animals on their journeys. Read more about the toad crossing on Plant Based News.

Vienna court dismisses case against vegan salmon company: A Vienna court dismissed a case accusing a vegan salmon company of misleading consumers. This is the latest ruling in a continuing struggle between plant food companies with Big Dairy and Big Meat over the use of terms like “meat,” “sausages,” “chicken,” and “milk.” The legal landscape keeps shifting as some countries have banned the labeling of plant foods with these terms, and others have approved them. Read more about the issue in various countries.

Vegan flavors market is booming: The market for vegan flavors is thriving, fueled by heightened health consciousness, the popularity of plant-based diets, and an increased interest in international cuisines. Leading the charge, North America and China are pioneering flavors that elevate the taste of vegan meats. Dive into the article for an in-depth exploration.


Annual Event of All-Party Parliamentary Group on Vegetarianism and Veganism

In January, the UK’s VegAPPG (All-Party Parliamentary Group on Vegetarianism and Veganism) hosted its annual Parliamentary reception. This gathering shone a spotlight on the plant-based sector’s economic and ethical contributions, marking its growing influence on the British economy. The event featured talks from both industry pioneers and celebrity guests, alongside a showcase brimming with vegan treats. It wasn’t just about celebrating current achievements; the reception was a powerful call to action, urging for policy reforms to nurture the UK’s burgeoning plant-based food industry, particularly in light of the surging interest among youth.


Easy Vegan Polenta: In keeping with our theme of simple, nourishing food, we bring you an easy, three ingredient and one-pot recipe. Perfect for both newcomers and seasoned polenta lovers, this dish showcases the versatility and rich flavors achievable in plant-based cooking. Try this super creamy vegan polenta.

Vegan Baked Oatmeal: Want dessert for breakfast, or breakfast for dessert? Try this vegan baked oatmeal recipe, featuring oats, banana, chocolate chips, and a few other simple ingredients. With a quick five-minute prep, you’re on your way to enjoying a breakfast that deliciously blurs the line between cake and banana bread.


The Term “Vegan” Was Coined in 1944

Imagine a world where the term “vegan” doesn’t even exist. That was reality until Donald Watson came onto the scene in 1944. Tired of the inconsistencies in vegetarianism that still allowed for animal exploitation, Watson and a small group of friends created The Vegan Society, coining the term “vegan” to represent a lifestyle completely free from animal products. Watson’s vision sparked a global movement that continues to grow, pushing society toward a more ethical and just future for all sentient beings.


Should Veganism Rest on Three Pillars?

There’s a long-standing debate about whether veganism should be considered an ethical stance which also has health benefits and the potential to reduce climate change, or whether all three should be highlighted at once as the “three pillar” approach. The ethical argument is enough to make the case, so do the other two strengthen or weaken it? Some argue that the three pillar approach is weaker because someone could change their mind about the health and environmental aspects, and that knocks out two of the three pillars. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Stay informed and keep advocating for a more vegan world. See you next week with more updates!

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