Vegan News Feb. 10, 2024


Washington State Legislative Advances: In Washington State, several animal rights bills have made their way to the Senate after passing the House. These include bills aimed at standardizing animal abuse penalties, improving responses to extreme weather events for animal shelters, and a notable bill concerning the prohibition of octopus farming. These legislative efforts, spearheaded by organizations like Pasado’s Safe Haven, reflect a concerted effort to modernize and strengthen animal protection laws.

More Plants in Universities in the Netherlands: Plant-Based Universities in the Netherlands is pioneering a transformation in higher education by introducing plant-based menus at six universities. Garnering widespread support, an open letter endorsing the campaign has attracted more than 1200 signatures from academics, healthcare professionals, politicians, and public figures. At the same time, an effort led by the group Animal Rising is helping farmers transition away from animal farming. Read more on Plant-Based News.

Flawed Research into Plant-Based Diets?: A critique of major studies promoting plant-based diets claims they may be based on flawed assumptions, according to a report by Professor Alice Stanton. She says that more comprehensive research is needed comparing plant-based and meat-based diets. She asserts that diets without red meat would not meet nutritional requirements for adults and that the “evidence that red meat causes strokes, cancers and heart conditions was extremely uncertain.” This flies in the face of what health authorities around the world have found for decades. Nevertheless, her claims are getting publicity.


Tribute to Benjamin Zephaniah

Poet and activist Benjamin Zephaniah left us late last year. For decades, he rose the profile of the Vegan Society, not just as a member, but as an ambassador. His journey into veganism began at age thirteen, driven by a simple conviction: he refused to eat his friends. Zephaniah was more than a poet; he was a musician, an actor, and above all, an activist who lent his voice to fight against the injustices that plague both human and animal lives. His art was deeply rooted in the rhythms and verses of Jamaica, a tribute to his heritage that resonated in his work. Among his notable musical achievements was a musical tribute to Nelson Mandela.

Veganism was a perpetual theme in Benjamin’s work. Talking Turkeys, from his first book of children’s poetry, has the opening line “Be nice to your turkeys this Christmas.” He also published The Little Book of Vegan Poems. Read more about his life and legacy on The Vegan Society website and The Guardian.


Vegan Walnut Meat Tacos: A unique and easy recipe that uses walnuts as a meat substitute, offering a surprisingly hearty texture. These tacos are customizable and can be topped with your favorite veggies for a balanced and delicious meal. Try the recipe on the Top Nutrition Coaching blog.

Naturally Sweetened Vegan Chocolate Mousse: Featuring just 7 ingredients, this rich chocolate mousse is thick, rich in flavor, and sweetened naturally, making it an ideal option for those looking for a healthier dessert that doesn’t compromise on taste. Visit Minimalist Baker for the recipe.


The Montreal Declaration on Animal Exploitation Condemns Harm to Sentient Beings

The 2022 Montreal Declaration on Animal Exploitation represents a pivotal moment in the discourse surrounding animal rights and ethical veganism. This declaration unequivocally condemns all forms of animal exploitation, emphasizing the moral urgency of ending practices that harm sentient beings, regardless of their species. It calls for a collective reevaluation of societal norms and legal frameworks to prioritize the wellbeing and rights of all animals. It was signed by over 500 prominent moral philosophers. By advocating for an end to animal exploitation, it aligns with the core principles of ethical veganism, stressing the importance of extending respect to all sentient beings. Read the Declaration on


Should More Intelligent Beings Eat Humans?

Some people think it’s right that the most intelligent species should dominate everyone else, even if that means someday humans are no longer at the top. Does this argument have any merit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Or ask our Animals and Politics GPT.

Stay informed and keep advocating for a more vegan world. See you next week with more updates!

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