Vegan News April 27, 2024


Farmers Transition from Animal Agriculture to Growing Plants: A growing number of farmers are shifting away from raising animals and towards cultivating crops for human consumption. The Transfarmation Project is helping farmers make this transition by providing resources, support, and connections. Former chicken, pig and cattle farmers are now growing hemp, mushrooms, berries, and other specialty crops. Read more about the Transfarmation Project.

Europe’s Largest Fishing Port Launches Vegan Seafood Company: Yantén Vegan Food, a startup based in Vigo, Spain (home to Europe’s largest fishing port), is creating plant-based seafood alternatives using fava beans and soy. Their products include vegan tuna, calamari rings, fish sticks and salmon burgers. Yantén’s tagline is “The future of the sea.” The company says they want to “reduce the stress on the world’s oceans from overfishing.” We think the reason should be for the wellbeing of the animals who won’t be killed for human consumption. But we see this as a positive development, because it will introduce new vegan foods to a huge number of mainstream consumers of animal products. Read about their offerings on Vegconomist.

Fruits and Veggies Packed with Vitamin C: Move over, oranges – vitamin C comes in many delicious plant-based forms! Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, grapefruit juice, red peppers, tomatoes, and spinach are all excellent sources of this essential nutrient. Incorporating these foods into your diet can boost immunity, promote healing, and support overall health. Get recipe inspiration from VegNews to enjoy your C-rich veggies in creative ways.


Latvian Constitutional Court Upholds Fur Farming Ban

On April 11, 2024, Latvia’s Constitutional Court ruled that the 2022 ban on fur farming is lawful and constitutional. The court stated that protecting animals from unnecessary suffering is a value of a democratic society, and that the public interest in the ethical treatment of animals outweighs the economic interests of the fur industry. This decision, which will make fur farming illegal in Latvia as of January 1, 2028, is part of a larger trend of countries across Europe banning this practice. Animal rights group Dzīvnieku brīvība led a 10-year campaign, with broad public support, to achieve this ban. Read about the law that goes into effect in 2028.


Teriyaki Tofu: This quick and easy recipe features crispy baked tofu cubes in a sweet and savory homemade teriyaki sauce. Serve it over rice with a side of steamed broccoli for a satisfying weeknight meal. Find the recipe on the Vegan Heaven blog.

Vegan Jello: Enjoy this nostalgic treat made with real fruit juice, less sugar, and agar agar instead of gelatin. Ligia Lugo’s recipe features a vibrant purple grape layer and a green apple layer for a fun color contrast. Get the full recipe and tutorial.


First Vegan Supermarket Chain Opened in 2011

The world’s first vegan supermarket chain, Veganz, was founded in Berlin in 2011. It now has locations across Europe and offers over 4,500 plant-based products.


Will the Growing Recognition on Animals as Sentient Beings Drive Industry Change?

The Latvian court decision banning fur farming reflects a growing recognition of animals as sentient beings deserving of moral and legal consideration. How do you think this shift in perspective will impact other animal-related industries and practices in the coming years? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Stay informed and keep advocating for a more vegan world. See you next week with more updates!

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