Vegan News April 13, 2024


Plant-Based Meat Labeling Allowed in South Africa and France: Animal exploiting companies around the world continue to lose in their attempts to block vegan plant food companies from using “milk” and “meat-like” terms. In South Africa, the Johannesburg High Court has overturned the planned seizure of plant-based meat alternatives marketed using terms like “steak” and “sausage.” The decision comes after the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) initially banned the use of such terms in June 2022. In a related development, the French Conseil d’Etat has suspended a decree that would have banned the use of meat-like terms such as “steak” and “ham” for plant-based products. Read about the ruling in South Africa and follow the case in France on Vegconomist.

German Retailer Lidl’s Price Parity Leads to Vegan Sales Increase of Over 30%: German retailer Lidl recently hosted a protein transition event in Berlin, reporting that its strategy of creating price parity between plant-based and animal-based products has led to a vegan sales increase of over 30%. The retailer also announced plans to expand its vegan range and transparently disclose the ratio of plant to animal proteins it sells. This event underscores the growing industry support for moving away from animal products. Read more about the event.

Is Milk Healthy? Experts Say No: While the dairy industry has long promoted milk as nutritious, a growing body of evidence shows that consuming dairy comes with serious health risks. Studies have linked milk consumption to an increased risk of certain cancers, heart disease, and even bone fractures. Of course, the main reason to not drink milk is for the health of the animals it’s taken from. Read the full story on VegNews.


Philosophers Lean Towards Veganism

A recent discussion on reddit centered around a 2020 study finding that philosophers, especially of ethics, are far more likely than the general population to accept veganism. A 2020 survey of 7,685 philosophers worldwide found that 40-45% accept or lean toward vegetarianism or veganism, with even higher numbers (51-57%) among philosophers of ethics. In contrast, only 1-2% of the general population identifies as vegan. This stark difference suggests that those who study and think deeply about moral questions are much more likely to conclude that eating animals and their products is morally impermissible. Perhaps it’s time for the rest of society to follow their lead and reexamine the ethics of animal use. Follow the thread on reddit.


Vegan Bibimbap: Enjoy a delicious and healthy vegan version of the popular Korean dish, bibimbap. This recipe features a flavorful gochujang sauce, crispy rice cakes, and a variety of fresh vegetables, all served over a bed of warm rice. Perfect for a satisfying and nourishing meal! Find the recipe on School Night Vegan

Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes: Indulge in these healthier pineapple upside down cupcakes made with wholesome ingredients like oats, coconut, and pineapple. Light, fluffy, and topped with sticky, caramelized pineapple, these cupcakes are a delightful tropical treat. Serve them warm with a scoop of dairy-free ice cream for an extra special dessert. Check it out on A Virtual Vegan.


Panama granted rights to sea turtles in 2023

Panama granted legal rights to sea turtles through a 2023 law recognizing the rights of sea turtles to “live, have free passage in a healthy environment, free of pollution and other anthropocentric impacts that cause physical or health damage, like climate change, pollution, incidental capture, coastal development and unregulated tourism, among others.” This legislation allows any Panamanian citizen to legally defend and protect sea turtles, holding governments, corporations, and public citizens accountable for any violations of those rights. Read the AP story.


Is veganism a matter of justice or kindness? While many well-intentioned people characterize veganism as an act of kindness or compassion, others argue that it is fundamentally a matter of justice. After all, if we recognize that causing unnecessary harm to animals is wrong, shouldn’t we strive to enshrine this principle in our laws and institutions? Share your thoughts on whether veganism should be framed as a matter of justice or kindness, and how this perspective might influence the way we advocate for animal rights.

Stay informed and keep advocating for a more vegan world. See you next week with more updates!

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