When we eat animals, they die

Luiz explains to his mother that he isn’t going to eat animals because when we eat animals, they die.



Eat up your octopus gnocchi.
Oh, mom, all right.
This octopus isn’t real, is it? – No.
OK, then. And it neither speaks nor has a head, right?
Where’s its head? – It has no head.
Those are only its little legs, chopped.
Is its head in the sea?
It’s at the fisherman’s.
Did the man hack it like this? – He did.
Why? – So we could eat it or we’d have to swallow it whole.
But why?
So we can eat, dear, just like they hack the ox, the chicken.
Eh? The chicken?
Nobody eats it either. – Nobody eats chicken?
They are ‘the animals’. – Are they? – Yes.
But let’s eat the gnocchi. Eat the potato, then.
Only this potato and this rice. – Ok.
Not the octopus, it’s ‘the animals’. – All right.
All those are ‘the animals’
fish is ‘the animals’…
octopus is ‘the animals’…
chicken is ‘the animals’…
cow is ‘the animals’…
pig is ‘the animals’…
Is it? – So…
when we eat ‘the animals’..
They die. – They do…
Why? – So we can eat, dear.
Why do they die?
I don’t like that they die.
I like that they keep standing and happy.
All right, then. We won’t eat them anymore, ok?
Those animals are…
for us to take care, not to eat them.
All right, my son.
Eat just your potato and rice, then.
All right.
Why are you crying? – I’m not crying.
What? – I’m just a little moved by you.
I’m seeing a water leaving
Eat up, then. You don’t have to eat the octopus, ok?
All right.