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  • Vegan News Jan. 13, 2024

    Vegan News Jan. 13, 2024

    Week of January 7 2024: South Korea bans dog meat, Ag-Gag revived, and vegan bus ads in Northern Ireland.

  • Vegan News Dec. 30, 2023

    Vegan News Dec. 30, 2023

    Week of December 24, 2023: A sanctuary owner was prosecuted for helping cows, vegan fast food trends, and warming winter recipes.

  • Chickpea curry (chana masala)

    Chickpea curry (chana masala)

    This vegan chana masala is lightly spicy and uses coconut milk to add creaminess. It’s a perfect comfort food.

  • Savory scrambled tofu

    Savory scrambled tofu

    Scrambled tofu is a versatile dish that you can eat any time of day. Just crumble some tofu, add some veggies, and stir it up in a pan!