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  • What to use instead of butter

    What to use instead of butter

    Whether you’re looking for something to put on your toast, baking cupcakes, or making caramel sauce, we’ve got you covered!

  • Bestever vegan brownies

    Bestever vegan brownies

    Try the these quick and easy vegan chocolate brownies. Make them as fudgy or nutty as you want!

  • Chickpea curry (chana masala)

    Chickpea curry (chana masala)

    This vegan chana masala is lightly spicy and uses coconut milk to add creaminess. It’s a perfect comfort food.

  • Red lentil pasta sauce

    Red lentil pasta sauce

    Try this savory and lightly spiced red lentil and tomato sauce. Serve over pasta or any whole grain dish for a delicious protein boost.

  • Savory scrambled tofu

    Savory scrambled tofu

    Scrambled tofu is a versatile dish that you can eat any time of day. Just crumble some tofu, add some veggies, and stir it up in a pan!

  • Vegan sweet corn muffins

    Vegan sweet corn muffins

    If you’re looking for light, sweet corn muffins, this recipe is for you! Serve with breakfast, lunch or dinner.