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Abolitionism, Reformism and Effective Animal Advocacy by Adriano Mannino

Talk at Veggie Pride 2013 in Geneva by Adriano Mannino from the Swiss animal advocacy group Tier im Focus. Instead of focusing on the debate between abolitionism and reformism, he suggests looking at animal activism with fresh eyes and focusing on how we can assess which strategies are likely to be most effective in the long run. He discusses the group Effective Animal Activism, which uses tool from the human charity world to evaluate the effectiveness of animal charities. He talks about the arguments for leafleting on college campuses, online activism, and online ads. He also discusses career choices and the earn-to-give model, where people choose high-earning occupations and donate most of their money to fund the work of multiple activists. He explores the idea of using political activism as an educational tool rather than with the aim of achieving political ends in the near future, as well as national initiatives that are not antispeciesist but might be worth pursuing because they could lead to a great reduction in harm to nonhuman animals.