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Factors that impact effective animal advocacy by Oscar Horta

Talk by moral philosopher and animal activist Oscar Horta at Veggie Pride 2013 in Geneva on factors that should be considered when thinking about the effectiveness of advocacy. Topics covered include choosing suboptimal ends, cognitive biases, understanding the difference between strategies and tactics, and focusing on long-term effects rather than short-term gains. He describes the three main groups of approaches taken to animal advocacy: legal changes, changes to exploitative production systems, and changing public attitudes. Horta stresses that antispeciesism entails more than just veganism, and includes moral concern for animals who are not harmed directly by humans.

“It’s kind of strange that a raised fist is often used as a symbol of struggle against oppression. The symbol should be a brain, because that is what we fight with.”

“We don’t want to just do what works. We want to do what works best.”